ORM Monitoring Services


POWERi’s Integrated ORM Monitoring Services

1.  Domain Name Management
2.  Corporate Compliance – Logo’s Usage
3.  Paid AD Placement Monitoring – PPC Fraud – Gift Card Offerings
4.  Blog’s – RSS – Message boards
5.  Auction Monitoring - Ebay/ Classifieds - Craig’s List
6.  Counterfeit / Gray Market Sales / Loss Prevention
7.  Fraud - Anti-Phishing Monitoring – Email Monitoring


Monthly ORM Monitoring Reports…
We provide each of our clients with a monthly monitoring report that includes…

  • Executive Summary
  • Domain Infringements
  • Auction Monitoring Results
  • Country Code Top Level Domain Listings
  • Top Domain Issues
  • Relevant Screen Shots (where applicable)
  • Enforcement Results (based on Client approved actions)


  • Monitoring provided in a variety of languages.
  • Relationship with international registries and hosting companies in over 50 countries.
  • In-house proprietary tools managed by our team of professional experts.

Domain Name Management

  • Identification all of your Company’s existing domain names
  • Register domain names that should have been registered in the past for protection
  • Identify all of your company’s existing trademarks

Corporate Compliance – Logo Usage

  • Monitoring agents or resellers for compliance of usage and third party authorizations.
  • Proper Logo or Brand use by third parties, resellers, and affiliates.
  • Making sure that all resellers and partners are maintaining the integrity of the Brand holder.

Paid AD Placement Monitoring – PPC Fraud – Gift Card Offerings

  • Monitor companies purchasing “Ad Words” using your trademarks or brands for diversion capitalization.
  • Search Engine placement monitoring using your trademarks or brands.
  • See who is ranked higher than the Brand Holder and for what reasons on Search Engines.
  • Possible use for own marketing within the search engines.
  • Monitor for unauthorized Gift Card offerings.
  • Monitor use of brand and name for the purpose of gathering information through surveys.
  • Monitor for possible Public Relations issues with upset customers over non-legitimate gift cards.

Blog’s – RSS – Message boards

  • Monitor Blog sites to see what customers are saying about you goods and services.
  • Monitor what is being said about the executives or management of your company.
  • Use Public Relations tools to combat negative publicity in a timely manner.
  • Monitor “leaks” of company secrets from current or past employees.
  • Monitor relevant RSS – Real Simple Syndication – News/Blog Feeds.
  • Monitor Real time feeds for all types of information – Positive and Negative.
  • Monitor alerts and media for possible negative or positive news.
  • Help capitalize on positive online chatter for marketing purposes.
  • Work with PR firms to react quickly against negative online chatter.
  • Monitor Message Boards to gauge public reaction to issues, changes and developments.
  • Monitor union and group sites to gauge employee reactions to issues, changes, and developments.
  • Financial institution monitoring on Yahoo Financial, Raging Bull, Money etc...
  • Monitor what is being said about Global Fortune 500,and 100, companies.

Auction Monitoring - Ebay/ Classifieds - Craig’s List

  • Monitor primarily for Online Compliance of distribution of goods and services.
  • Monitor for distribution of goods through affiliates and authorized third parties.
  • Monitor unauthorized sales of goods and services online by employees and third parties.
  • Monitor for sales of goods by agents.
  • Monitor sales sites to provide Loss Prevention services.
  • Back tracking of goods to a specific location.
  • Monitor counterfeit / Gray Market goods on online auctions.
  • Monitor for sales of false/counterfeit goods.
  • Monitor Online Classified Ads (Craigslist and others).
  • Monitor moves from Auction sites to Classified posting sites (Ebay to Craigslist).
  • Monitor for increased listing of stolen big ticket items.
  • Monitor clearing sites for Housewife sales of counterfeit goods.

Counterfeit / Gray Market Sales / Loss Prevention

  • Monitor for illegally branded products that are not manufactured by Company.
  • Monitor brands that may be tarnished due to counterfeit inferior and frequently defective products.
  • Sophisticated brokers rely heavily on Internet to move their goods, sometimes using password-protected Internet Web pages to show their goods to trusted acquaintances.
  • Track theft online back to the location and seller or stolen goods.

Fraud - Anti-Phishing Monitoring – Email Monitoring

  • Monitoring of over 2,000 Spam websites.
  • Daily monitoring of active legal cases against spammers.
  • Provide legal notice against hosting companies.
  • Denial of service attacks against fraudulent websites.
  • Provide snap domain name registrations to Registration sites.

Protect your brand and reputation with POWERi’s Online Reputation Management and Brand Protection Services. Contact us for your free reputation and brand audit.

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POWERi Technologies, Inc. :: An Interactive Marketing Agency
POWERi Technologies, Inc. :: An Interactive Marketing Agency
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